Segway and “The End of the Oil Age”

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A recent publication by WWF, one of the most important environmental organizations, mentioned the Segway PT as one of the sustainable alternatives to the use of the car in urban areas. The report is called “Plugged In: The End of the Oil Age” by Dr. Gary Kendall.

“[Electric two wheelers] and the Segway Personal Transporter – examples of which are illustrated in figure 21 – all offer virtually silent personal mobility, a very high degree of energy efficiency, and zero emissions at the point of use. They afford the user far greater flexibility than is possible with rigid public transportation services and far greater opportunity for work and leisure activities due to their extended range and speed compared with non-motorised forms of transport. To the extent that they can replace journeys made by ICEVs – until now the de facto alternative to public transport for suburban commuters – electric two-wheelers can dramatically improve the local environment and contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions” (page 127).

The report also quotes our REC program:

“[..]only sustainable renewable resources. Even here, businesses promoting grid-connected vehicles may have an important role to play. Take the example of an electrified two-wheeler: the Segway PT. For every unit sold, Segway pledges to purchase 200 kWh of electricity from sustainable renewable sources, which the company calculates is sufficient to power a typical Segway PT for more than two years of operation.*
Thus, the Segway PT rider need not have access to a liberalised electricity market in order to enjoy carbon-free personal mobility. Innovative marketing packages of this nature – explicitly linking green energy with mobility solutions – lend themselves perfectly to grid-connected vehicles of any shape and size.”

*The Last Mile Editor’s Note: Segway Inc. purchases 200 kWh of renewable energy credits that encourage the development of clean sources of energy for future consumption. The 200 kWh amount is based off of a rider charging his/her Segway PT frequently during a 1-year period. Learn more here.

A video interview featuring the author riding a Segway PT can be seen here.

Abstracts from:
Plugged In: The End of the Oil Age by Dr. Gary Kendall. PDF versions of the full report and summary report are available now for download:

Access the full report or summary.

Nicola Dallatana
Director International Marketing and Regulatory Affairs

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